Portable GaragesWinter’s knocking once again at the doors of millions of American homeowners and business owners. With freezing rain, snow, and wind quickly on the way, it’s time to think about securing and safely storing equipment, vehicles, and other machinery.

Each fall, thousands of shoppers attempt to find a canopy, portable garage, or other portable shelter that will work as durable, reliant covering through harsh winter conditions. Snow load ratings and wind resistance qualifications present data that’s crucial to making an informed purchase.

Truly Snow- And Wind-Rated Shelters Are Clearly Identified

Any snow-load or wind-rated canopy or personal shelter will clearly advertise its qualifications within its item description. The features list or manual, or both, will display the wind rating in miles per hour, and any snow-load capacity in pounds per square foot. This measurement is also abbreviated as “psf.” It’s the most amount of weight a shelter can bear without risking damage to its frame.

True Weather Resistance Depends On Correct Operation

For portable garages and shelters to properly function, they must be properly used. In virtually all cases, portable shelters and canopies need anchoring and other precautions in order to reach their weather-resistance capacity. When purchasing a canopy, tent, or shelter, shoppers should look to see what anchors, weight sets, or other securing accessories are needed. They should also determine whether these implements are included with the shelter package.

What to Do Before Making A Purchase

Don’t buy a portable shelter, tent, or canopy until you’ve browsed its assembly instructions and/or operation manual. If you have further questions, talk to the customer service staff of the store or website (for example, at info@ecanopy.com) and clearly state your concerns and questions. Peace of mind, especially in winter’s chill, brings a warmth all its own.