Garage CanopiesThe portable garage makes the perfect way to keep your vehicles, lawn equipment, and other machinery sheltered from the elements. But it’s much more useful than just that important task! Check out some of the other, off-the-beaten-path uses we’ve found for these surprisingly versatile shelters, tents, and semi-rigid canopies.

Helping Your Community’s Charitable, Church, and Social Events

Your local church or your children’s school could probably use a strong, secure shelter for their next fundraiser, festival, or other outdoor gathering. By lending your portable garage for use as a booth, temporary storage place or other much-needed resource, you’ll deploy your portable garage to do a world of good where it’s sure to be appreciated. You’ll help keep volunteers out of the sun, and important sale items protected from the elements.

As A Holiday Centerpiece

Depending on the size of your portable garage canopy and the size of your front yard, the canopy can be the “blank slate” on which you load holiday decorations. Tube-shaped portable garages easily convert to a “tunnel of horrors” during Halloween. Later in the fall, they can shift to an enchanted “ice cave” to wow passers-by. (Remember to check your canopy or garage’s snow load capability before leaving it deployed in snow conditions.)

For Backyard Campouts and Cookouts

Garage CanopiesIf your kids are part of a scout troop, youth group, or just a gang of pals, the portable garage provides a place to play, camp out, and generally just enjoy being young. If you’re holding a backyard cookout, the portable garage can provide a place to store party supplies (ice chests, coolers, kegs, and cooking ingredients) out of the hot sun.

The tube-shaped portable garage can also be renovated into an “adventure tunnel” full of games, decorations, and fun activities for birthday party guests to enjoy. When it’s time to eat, children can picnic under the canopy shelter all afternoon long. Parents can watch from the edges of the canopy if the canopy has open sides, or join the kids if the canopy has sidewalls.

As Your Landscaping Headquarters

Also in springtime, your canopy or portable garage makes an excellent “base camp” for all your lawn and garden rejuvenation. Center your garden equipment and supplies, landscaping and gardening machinery, and all your other tools in one convenient, sheltered place. You’ll save time going back and forth to the garage, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that supplies like mulch, topsoil, and other important lawn and garden ingredients are kept safe without taking up valuable space in your garage or carport.

For Tailgating and Other Sporting Events

CanopiesThe portable canopy is always popular as a protective shelter for tailgating outside the stadium. But you can also probably bring your canopy along to little league and high school athletic events. Use the canopy as a pavilion to host the team, or just to give families and other spectators a place to congregate. They’ll appreciate your generosity, and you’ll make a valuable contribution to the whole season.

To Provide Shade For Your Pets and Livestock

Especially during the warm and humid summer months, a place to relax in the shade can be a lifesaver for cats, dogs, and many different kinds of livestock. Emptying your portable garage or canopy for use as a bivouac or temporary shelter for animals gives them a safe, reliable place to wait out the brutal summer heat. Just remember to follow your portable garage or canopy’s instructions regarding severe and inclement weather.

As An Extension of Your Carport

A personal garage also works great to expand the storage space of your carport, especially when company comes to visit and can benefit from vehicle storage space of their own. Open-sided canopies also offer great shade and shelter when washing your car or other vehicle, too.

For A Yard Sale or Rummage Sale

If you’ve ever attended a garage sale, rummage sale, or yard sale, you know the importance of sheltering the merchandise. Canopies and portable garages are ideal temporary display space for clothes, electronics, electrically powered furniture and appliances, and anything that doesn’t need to sit out in the sun.

For a complete guide to throwing the perfect yard sale, check out our easy to read guide elsewhere on this blog.

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