Popup CanopiesCleaning and maintaining your instant or popup canopy is not difficult! When you practice regular and careful precautions, your canopy can last for years and years – certainly as long as you need it!

We’ve assembled the following tips to make sure you can keep your canopy cover and frame in top condition. Remember too that you should consult your particular canopy model’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions.

Cleaning and Storing the Canopy

Most vinyl and polyester canopy covers will wash using only warm water and soap. Don’t use detergent, as this can abrade and otherwise damage the canopy cover material. Don’t use bleach, though a mild vinegar water solution may be okay.

Don’t remove the canopy cover from its frame before you clean it. Leaving the canopy stretched out and above ground makes it dry quicker and prevents the risk of tearing and fraying.

Make sure the canopy is completely dry before breaking the canopy down for storage. This will prevent mildew from forming and growing within the canopy cover’s folds and creases.

Over time, small leaks and tears across the canopy cover may become inevitable. But this doesn’t have to make the canopy unusable! Spray the leak or tear with a seam sealer, available at most hardware and sporting goods stores. Seal the hole or tear as soon as possible to keep it from spreading. Be sure to follow the sealer’s instructions exactly. If the leak or rend is too big, use a patch kit available from canopy retailers.

Follow the same instructions for your canopy sidewalls as you do for cleaning the canopy cover.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Canopy Frame

Popup CanopiesAs with the canopy, for safety and convenience only clean your canopy frame when it is set up and its legs and sides extended. Make sure the frame is completely dry before compacting it and storing it away.

Cleaning the canopy frame depends on what type of frame you have. Most frames are either aluminum or steel. Make sure the frame is rustproof before you wash it (consult the owner’s manual or warranty information.)

When setting up the canopy frame each time, take a screwdriver or wrench and tighten all screws and washers. This will help prevent the frame from wobbling but also make sure your canopy cover can stretch across it as tightly as possible.

Some canopy manufacturers recommend spraying the frame with a silicone spray to help protect the metal. Using it before and after use, especially in humid conditions, will help improve performance. Apply the spray before attaching the canopy cover.

Other helpful suggestions

Protect your canopy from windy conditions by investing in weightbags to help provide ballast. These bags can be filled with any number of ingredients but are actually lightweight themselves.

To replace a lost owner’s manual, check the manufacturer or retailer’s website. A pdf-format copy of the manual is often available.

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