Outdoor CanopiesWhether you own a simple popup canopy for personal use or a top-of-the-line personal shelter to help your business grow, summertime is the right time to take every advantage of the canopy’s unique potential. The warm sun, frequent summer showers and abundance of festivals and events all make the late spring through early fall the prime time for using your canopy.

In fact, we think the canopy has more uses than people realize. Here’s just a few examples:

Take your canopy to the park, lakefront, or local national park

Canopies make a great “home base” for families on a daylong excursion to their local park, beach, or national forest. They deploy easily, break down quickly and make a great spot to picnic, take a light snooze or just hang out. If your canopy has sidewalls, it’s also a perfect changing room before heading into the surf.At the park, a canopy transforms any picnic table into a covered pavilion for daytime dining.

Before you set up, remember that some government-run areas (parks, beaches) might have rules against canopies used at certain hours of times of day. You may also need to call ahead to clear the canopy with park or beach supervisors.

Make your canopy the centerpiece of your next party

Outdoor CanopiesWhat’s more charming than a summer party? Throw a celebration for your friends (for Independence Day, Memorial Day, or just because) in your backyard, using the canopy as the center of entertainment. The canopy can shelter ice chests and food tables from the hot summer sun or shelter children and give them a base for their play. It can even shelter the television set showing the big game!

For summer birthday parties, your canopy looks great festooned with balloons and streamers, and even a birthday message strung along its front apron. For Independence day, red white and blue streamers make a great accent. You might even hang a flag from the side of the canopy or fly one from the top.

Bring your canopy to family, church, and organizational events

If your church or volunteer group is having an outdoor fundraiser, why not volunteer your time and your canopy? You’ll help them attract attention and recuperate from the hot summer sun.

Your children and their schools will benefit from your volunteer generosity, too.

Use Your Canopy for Outdoor Projects

On weekends when you’re planning a lot of yard work or landscaping, use your canopy as a way to duck out of the sun. You can also keep your equipment and supplies organized in one place, and save a lot of “back and forth” to the garage or utility room. Canopies can shelter sawhorses, workbenches, planters and planting supplies, and water coolers and rest areas.

Canopies make great places to take a break. Imagine sitting under the canopy with a glass of iced tea after mowing the yard!

Use Summertime For Canopy Upkeep and Maintenance

Outdoor CanopiesWhile you’re working on beautifying your lawn and garden, take care of your canopy, too. Most canopies can be washed clean using only warm water and soap (don’t use detergent. It’ll scratch and tear at the canopy tarp material.)

Allow the canopy to completely dry before breaking it down and returning it to its storage case. This will prevent mildew and help keep the canopy material in top condition.

Visit our canopy cleaning and maintenance guide for more tips on keeping your canopy looking and working like new.

Undercover CanopiesUndercover Canopy’s latest series of tents and canopies solve many common complaints about canopy construction and setup. With innovative construction and a simple design, they make a great choice for first-time canopy buyers of all kinds.

Versatile Design and Construction

The Undercover Canopy makes canopy and tent benefits available to millions who probably would otherwise hesitate to invest in a portable shelter. They feature frames of heavy-duty aluminum, making them 50 percent lighter than steel frame canopies. And because they’re lightweight, they’re easier to transport.

Their sophisticated honeycomb construction makes them highly durable, too. As each part of the frame reinforces another, the total result is a canopy frame suitable for a variety of purposes.

Uses For All Occasions

And because almost anyone can transport these sturdy Undercover Canopies, they take on a wide variety of applications. For example, some canopy owners use them for personal shelters at the beach or on a picnic. Families can use them for backyard gatherings or for entertaining company in the great outdoors. For small business owners, the canopy makes a great exhibition space at trade shows and crafts fairs.

Canopy sizes range from small models meant for individual use to larger versions ideal for teams or groups. All sizes come with a variety of optional accessories available.

Easy Setup Without Pinched Fingers

Undercover CanopiesUndercover Canopies deploy, or setup, in seconds. The four telescoping legs extend and lock into place without pinching fingers. Owners need only expand the frame into place and the canopy is ready to go.

When it’s time to take the canopy down, just retract the legs and collapse the frame. The tent is ready for transport.

Durable Tarps Keep Elements At Bay

Undercover Canopy coverings are just as innovative and durable as their frames. They’re made from reinforced polyester, with some of them having a 600 Denier (thickness) rating. Others are treated and sometimes coated for even greater weather resistance. With so much construction, Undercover Canopies keep you sheltered in rain and sunshine alike.

A Range of Accessories

A variety of accessories is available for the range of Undercover Canopies, including sidewall panels, weight bags, and carrying cases. These are usually purchased separately and are available in a variety of options.